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Author: novagiant

Common Emergencies Part 2

  1. CHOKE. Quick, who knows the Heimlich maneuver?! Just kidding. Horse choke is not the same scenario we usually think of when a person has food lodged in the airway, because it is caused by a bolus of food lodged in the esophagus. 

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Common Emergencies Part 1

  1. COLIC. Yes, I think that this one has to be at the top of the list.  It is one of the few words that strikes fear in the hearts of all horsemen, and rightfully so, as it is the leading cause of death in horses. What is colic you ask? It is a broad term that describes abdominal discomfort.   

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Pigeon Fever

Pigeon Fever in the Mid-South

Q: I have heard some horse friends in Texas talking about “Pigeon Fever”. What is it and do we need to be concerned about our horses in the Mid-south getting it?

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