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Equine Articles

Each month our veterinarians publish an article in the Mid-South Horse Review titled “Ask The Vet”. We have posted them here for your reading and educational pleasure.

The Vital Role of Annual Vaccines for Horses

Horses have been companions, partners, and sources of joy for centuries. Their strength, elegance, and grace have captured our hearts, making them integral to many people’s lives. Just as we prioritize our health with regular check-ups and vaccinations, it is equally essential to ensure the well-being of our equine friends. Annual vaccines play a vital role in maintaining the health and vitality of horses. Equine vaccinations also help prevent a range of potentially debilitating diseases and even death.  

Beat The Heat!

Do you have any tips to beat the heat and keep my horse healthy this summer?

1-2-3’s of Foals

So your little foal has hit the ground!  Your new addition should be bright, alert, and have a suckle reflex within the first five to ten minutes after breaking through the fetal membranes. 


Question: I purchased a mare with an unknown history about 3-4 years ago. We recently moved to a new barn, and she has been tripping and standing funny.  She also has begun to lose weight.  One of the other boarders mentioned that her horse had shown similar signs, and was diagnosed with EPM.  What is EPM and how is it diagnosed?  What treatments are available?  Does it recur even after treatment?  Thank you!


Posted on March 10, 2016.

Question: I just moved my horse to a new barn, and the barn manager asked me about his deworming history.  When I said I dewormed regularly every 8 weeks, she replied that it may be unnecessary to deworm him that frequently, and that several owners preferred to have their horse’s manure checked before deworming.  What do you know about this?


Question: We’ve had several horses colic at my barn recently.  What causes this and is there anything I can do to prevent my gelding from getting it?

The Geriatric Horse

Question: I have an 18 year old gelding that has generally been an easy keeper but just recently began losing weight.  With winter approaching I really want to do all I can do to help him, what are your recommendations?

Pregnant Mare

Question: Last spring I bred my favorite riding mare and am starting to get worried as she gets closer to foaling.  I’ve never had a pregnant mare before and I don’t want to do anything wrong! Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to prepare and a sort of timeline for what should happen as she starts to foal?

Emergency Preparedness

Question:  I feel like my gelding is always accident prone!  He is constantly injuring himself, regardless of whether he is in a stall or out in the pasture, and I think I’m seeing my vet more than my husband!  What tips do you have for handling emergency injuries?  Do I always need to call my veterinarian?  Thank you!

Common Emergencies Part 2

  1. CHOKE. Quick, who knows the Heimlich maneuver?! Just kidding. Horse choke is not the same scenario we usually think of when a person has food lodged in the airway, because it is caused by a bolus of food lodged in the esophagus. 

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